[ Date: September 23, 2017 11:41 pm ]


Westport Arts Festival

Dates to be confirmed

Westport, Co. Mayo


Westport Arts Festival is one of Ireland’s longest running festivals. One of its main aims is to introduce different and diverse artistic forms of human expression from all over the world to the west coast of Ireland. The festival has helped enrich the cultural life of local people by introducing quality artistic events for over 30 years. The festival provides a platform for local and visiting artists and includes musicians, writers, architects, theatre, dance, film and free street performances entertaining adults and children alike.


The Helm Skate Festival

Dates to be confirmed

Westport, Co. Mayo

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The Helm Skate Festival is one of the largest fishing events of its kind in the world and is the biggest in Western Europe. The festival began nineteen years ago when groups of anglers got together each with the aim of the catching the largest Skate.

The festival has evolved from a small two boat friendly competition to one that skippers from all along the Galway/Mayo coastlines with over one hundred anglers with the aim of promoting the conservation of Skate within the waters of Clew Bay and further out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Skate, a kind of fish that belongs to the Common Ray family was once a struggling species within the realms of Clew Bay and The Helm is just one of the many agencies throughout Ireland helping to bring back their revival.