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Adventure Pursuits

There are so many things to do near Westport we can guarantee you’ll never get bored. As a base for adventure, Westport has no equal in the country. It’s fast becoming known as “the adventure capital of Ireland”. Both ‘Adventure Islands’ and ‘Adventure West’ offer a wide range of activities for all ages, listed below are some of what is on offer by both of these companies.


Adventure Islands

Contact them on 098 26907 OR 086 2518252

Or visit their website at http://www.theadventureislands.com/


Adventure West

Contact them on 087 3267828

Or Visit their website at http://www.adventurewest.ie/


Adventure Climb, Zip, Jump & Dash

Are you up to the challenge of this package? First you must complete the two levels of the high ropes course. Then zip off one side and free fall off the other. Then it is off to combat games.

TIME: 3 hours
PRICE: € 40 per person
LOCATION: Westport House Activity centre
ACTIVITY: Free Fall, High Ropes, Zip Wire, Combat Games
REQUIRED: Any footwear with ankle support


Adventure Force

Enjoy a full day of activities: Bike hire, Laser Clay Pigeon, Archery, Stand up paddle boarding, Sea Kayaking and Combat games.

TIME: Full day 10am-5pm
PRICE: €80 per person
LOCATION: Westport and our Private Island
ACTIVITY: Multiple Activity
REQUIRED: old pair of runners or boots


Adventure Crossfire

Archery is a great activity for any groups, highly competitive and lots of fun. Adventure Islands have a super outdoor gaming forest for their Combat Games session.

TIME: 2 hours 10am-12pm or 2pm-4pm
PRICE: €25 per person
LOCATION: Westport House Activity centre
ACTIVITY: Land activity only
REQUIRED: old pair of runners or boots


High Ropes Course

The New High Ropes Course (a theme park in the sky) will make you enjoy the thrills and rushes of a myriad of activities while elevated high above the ground. This is truly gut-wrenching stuff but the buzz elicited is worth every second of the challenge. Why not up the adrenaline by taking part in a brand new adventure.

There are 3 levels to the course and it is non-competitive and to be done at the participant’s own respected pace. Although there will be an instructor present for your personal safety and to accommodate your needs, the course can be completed in any number of combinations at your own discretion; so really the approach taken is all up to you!

Included in the activity are: a sixty-meter Skyline, various steps, ropes and platforms for the participant’s feet, and a number of ropes, bars and handles for the participant’s hands. There are elements from the Postman’s Walk and the Islands in the Sky, to the Heebie Jeebie.

Not all integrated parts are stationary and many are suspended, so there will be sections of the course where you will sway back and forth ‘in monkey-like fashion’. The longest mid-air point-to-point passage within the course (aside from the skyline) is what is called ‘The Leap of Faith’ in which the person lunges forward from their plateau in a mid-air attempt to ‘high five’ a large soft foam hand. When it comes to all-in-one structure fun, it really doesn’t get any better than this.


Zip Wire

Discover the fun and thrills of Zip wire. Zip wire is a wire cable with a pulley system attached which people are attached to then they go racing down the zip line as you step off the platform.  All the staff are highly trained , and above all safety comes first . You will be provided with safety equipment and clipped into the very safe and secure zip wire system. This activity can be enjoyed by people of all ages, so why not give it a go.


Laser Clay Pidgeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting with lasers is a newer and better way of shooting as the there is no environmental impact, no impact on wildlife and the shooting is controlled and 100% safe for all participants. Not only that, it is so realistic that one would be hard pressed to differentiate it from the actual experience. This is why the activity is also available to children, and in our experience this is a huge advantage especially for families. With Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, family activity can be coordinated instead of separate, allowing parents the chance to keep an eye on their children while enjoying a fantastic and safe adventure experience, right alongside them.


Rock Climbing & Abseiling

If you’ve never tried rock-climbing and abseiling before, then you’ll be delighted to discover what you can do when you put your mind to it. Experienced instructors will have things well under control, so your safety is assured at all times.  You will amaze yourself at your unknown climbing ability and abseiling back down is simply thrilling.



Hydro Zorbing: the tamer of the two rides can be best described as an invigorating mixture of a waterslide and rollercoaster ride. This wet and wild experience involves one, two or three riders (depending on total weight) entering the OGO at the top of the hill, and we add in 20-25 litres of warm water. They are secured, the door is closed and OGO is launched downhill. No dizziness, just good clean fun!

Harness Zorbing: the more extreme ride using OGO’s brand new style, suspended seat harnesses. These harnesses have 32 points of attachment to the ball to ensure that the rider is safely held and the harness has 6 attachment points around the body as well as hands and feet holds. One or two riders are securely harnessed inside the OGO before being sent rolling head over heels downhill to watch the grass and sky go spinning past.


Westport War Games

Wood Lodge Estate, Knappagh, Westport, Co. Mayo

Open 7 days a week from – 9.00am – 10.30.pm

Contact them on 098 21886

Or visit their website at http://www.westportwargames.ie/

Want to have some fun, why not visit Westport War Games where their all weather terrain ensures you don’t go away plastered in mud. Why not make it into a competition with friends, their marshals are on hand to help you in any way they can to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.